Cashew Trail

Cashew Trail (half day Seasonal Tour)

The Cashew tree has a long history as an extremely useful tree. Both in terms of nutrition as well as a food taste enhancer. Apart from the tasteful nuts for which the tree is known for. The other famous thing the Cashew tree is known for is the Feni distilled from the juice of the cashew apple which is famous in the state of Goa.

Experience a day in a cashew farm…

A visit to a local Cashew farm.

Starting the day by picking up the cashew apple from the farm.

This is followed by sorting of the cashew nut from the cashew apple.

Stomping of the cashew apple.

Tasting the Nerow (the juice of the apple).

Going through the Feni distillation process.

Roasting and tasting of cashew nut.

Enjoy yummy lunch at the Cashew farm

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