Gushing Arvalem

The Gushing Arvalem

The view of water gushing and flowing is always a mesmerizing sight to see. Waterfalls have always been a visitor’s delight in any part of the world. The Arvalem waterfall in Goa promises to keep up with expectations! Although comparatively smaller and less popular than the mighty Dudhsagar waterfall, the Arvalem or Harvalem as it is known brings a smile of content for all its visitors.

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Visiting Goa in the monsoon is a bliss for travelers to find a cool, less crowded and rejuvenating vacation. It is during the rains that Goa is blooming and verdant, making it an absolute paradise and perfect to visit the Arvalem Waterfall. With gushing torrents and cool splashes of water, one can enjoy a lovely monsoon picnic to watch the falls and enjoy scenic wonders. A small park has been built around the waterfall to enjoy serene views of the waterfall. The greenery and soothing environment are simply blissful during the rains. Visitors can also climb up an old arched bridge, a little further up the hill to have a panoramic view of the spot, while avid photographers can rejoice here with the natural light and a beautiful setting.


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Located very close are the Arvalem rock-cut caves believed to have been carved by Buddhist monks are also frequented by travelers. These caves are also believed to be a refuge for the Pandavas during their 12-year exile. Another attraction includes the Mayem lake in Bicholim which is also worth a visit. At Arvalem, the Rudreshwar temple also holds importance and is a calming place of visit. Travelers often climb up the steps of this temple to have mesmerizing views of the waterfall. More adventurous folks can also dive in for a white water rafting fun trip at Valpoi which is just 20 minutes away from Arvalem.

Located near Mapusa in North Goa, one can take a short drive to reach Arvalem by road from Panjim. The nearest villages are Sanquelim and Bicholim. Public transport buses are also available from Panjim and Mapusa. This tourist spot is open every day between 9 am to 6 pm.

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