Sea Rafting in Goa

Sea Rafting in Goa

The post monsoon season brings an exciting vibe to Goa. Its time to hit the beaches for some frolic and fun! Water lovers can enjoy beach sports and water rides or simply soak in some sun. Adventure enthusiasts are always looking for something exciting in the arena of water sports and come to Goa to have a thrilling experience!

The newest water adventure one can engage in at the beach is – Sea Rafting which is now available in India and our own Goa! This activity basically entails a raft ride right in the middle of the sea. Authorized by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation, Sea Water Rafting is considered safe with safety precautions and dedicated lifeguards staff monitoring all the time for the best rafting experience. Sea Rafting has become the most sought after and talked about beach activity as its a fun ride and can be taken together in groups. This thrilling and entertaining activity has won many hearts and tops lists of water sports enthusiasts now!

Sea Rafting Goa

The best time to enjoy this joyous ride is between October and May. The waves during this period provide the best condition on the Goan coast for rafts to tumble and topple the dashing waves and create thrilling bumps for the raft riders! Each boat will be accompanied by experienced guides and riders will be well instructed before their rafting journey begins. So, come on, get your rafting gear on!

Best time to visit:

October to May


2 hours


  • Comfortable Swimwear or Swimsuit
  • followed by an outfit like T-Shirt and Shorts or Tights
  • Towel
Fred Travels will help you have the best Sea Rafting experience in India!
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