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Hiccupping in Goa !

Goa is synonymous to parties and merry making. People from all over the world come to Goa to have a good time and are marveled by the choices and prices of alcohol in this tiny state. Being a Union Territory, Goa has lesser rates minus various taxes on alcohol, making it a delight for party animals and enthusiasts. Not only inexpensive, but Goa offers a variety of alcoholic beverages which can only be found here. Right from international brands to Indian makes and the also popular local preparations of brews, Goa offers the A-Z in alcohol. Here are some typically Goan drinks one must not miss when in Goa –


Feni in Goa, India

A must try alcoholic beverage in Goa is ‘Feni’. Vacationers confess that a trip to Goa is incomplete without a few sips of this nectar on the beautiful beaches of Goa. Feni owes its origin to the Portuguese who colonized Goa more than 400 years ago. Still proudly prepared in its original procedure, it does not entail the use of electricity. Feni is made from the juice of the cashew fruit, which is fermented and distilled three times thus, augmenting its intoxicating properties. Copper pots are used for distillation of the juice, which is then heated. The juice obtained at the first phase of the distillation process is called Urrack. It is neither pungent nor aromatic. Urrak is further distilled into what is known as Cazulo. Cazulo has some intoxicating properties which become stronger in the final produce, Feni. After a tedious and effortful wait, this drink is ready for consumption. The Goan Feni has long shelf life. It can be enjoyed in mix with soda, cola and lemon juice. A variant of the Cashew Feni is Coconut Feni prepared in a similar fashion. Coconut Feni drink is more popular in South Goa than in North Goa. Shacks on the beaches of Goa serve Feni drink in coconut shells giving it a very exotic feel. Feni’s popularity and fame is best compared to Mexican Tequila and French champagne. Often used in cocktails, common mixers are Coca-Cola, tonic water and lemonade, but is also be enjoyed on its own on the rocks, or with a slice of lime.

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Uraak in Goa, India

Available fresh and freely in the months leading up to the monsoon, this cloudy nectar is the first distillate of cashew feni. Uraak is one of Goa’s tastiest secrets and this is the season to discover it. For those who wrinkle their noses for Feni being pungent and strong can merrily enjoy Uraak for its flavor and punch.

King’s Beer

Kings Beer in Goa, India
Kings Beer

Beer drinkers can marvel over this unique brew one can only find in Goa. King’s beer has a nutty flavor which is well enjoyed by almost everyone! Moreover, this Goan brew goes perfectly well with scrumptious Goan food and has remained a favourite of locals and vacationers alike!


Desmondji in Goa, India

Desmond Nazareth launched a brand called Desmondji, a label that makes and sells a variety of liquors in Goa. Due to reasons of copyright they can’t call their drinks tequila and cachaҫa, are as good as most tequilas and their Pure Cane is as perfect for caipirinhas. They also have a range of premixed treats which can put a lot of bartenders to shame. Home to Goa, one can enjoy cocktails with the Mexican touch while swaying in the sun and sand.


Armada in Goa, India

Armada has a huge feather in its cap! The only Indian brand to ever win the Gold Outstanding medal at IWSC (the International Wine & Spirit Competition), it’s the toughest medal to win in the business and even Johnnie Walker Blue Label only got the Gold (a step below Gold Outstanding) in the same competition! A humble family recipe dating back to the Portuguese empire, this spice liqueur is handcrafted in small batches. Made without artificial colours, preservatives or flavours, this all-natural concoction is supposed to make unique cocktails. A must try when in Goa!

Cabo Coconut Rum

Cabo Coconut Rum Goa, India
Cabo Coconut Rum

Perfectly blend – the match of coconut extracts (so natural to Goa) and white rum is heavenly. This sensual drink is perfect to add to Pina Coladas or also for having neat with ice. Nothing quite evokes a Goan holiday like Cabo which makes one think of lazing by a swimming pool or lounging in a beach shack.

Next time in Goa, be sure to try these divine mixes and nectars to make your holiday more Goa-worthy! Grab some drinks and crispy fish, watching the sun go down while your feet are soaked in the warm sand!

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