Going Solo in Goa

Going Solo in Goa

A year without a holiday or vacation seems just incomplete. Travel is one of the most relaxing forms of getting-away, most people do to unwind after a few hectic months spent at work. However, for many, travel is equivalent to having fun with close friends and family away from home; very few consider traveling alone and enjoy a solitary travel experience. Hence, when someone says they are traveling alone, often get mixed reactions!

Goa is a traveler’s paradise with its pristine beaches, verdant cocooned hills, exotic locales and more. A traveler is spoilt for choice with boutique hotels and budget getaways, party hot-spots to serene wanderings. To the solo traveler, Goa is heaven! Goa is hosting more and more solo travelers in recent times. The solitary traveler in Goa can indulge in the many activities this tiny green land has to offer, moreover, the solo traveler gets to decide all that they want to do and enjoy their own company!

A good Goan retreat can begin with sightseeing and doing a Goa tour by the day, wandering about Old Goa and visiting the churches in the city. Famous for its beaches, a Goan escapade is incomplete without spending some time at the beaches of your choice – pristine and calm in the south to all-night party spots and happening ones in the north.

For nature enthusiasts, Goa offers unparalleled experiences with its mountains, green forests, waterfalls and spice plantations. A solo spice tour to learn about the various spice plantations and buying some for back home is a great way to plan a half-day tour. One can also plan a trip to the Salim Ali, Bondla and Cotigao Wildlife sanctuaries to explore the flora and fauna this region has to offer.

Whats is a vacation without indulging in local cuisine! Solo travelers in Goa can have a ball, as many restaurants and shacks here, offer one-person portions so as to be able to devour many delicacies one can. Goan cuisine, abundant with fresh seafood, local produce and rich use of coconut keeps one sated, as one should be, when on a holiday!

Solo traveling is also associated with fears of being alone on a trip. Although Goa is considered safe for solo travelers, one should ensure to keep belongings safe, carry electronic money and beware of people around. Travelers must stick to itineraries and not venture into the wild with impulse trips so as to avoid disappointment. All in all, planning a safe trip filled with wonderful memories is the best give you can give yourself on a solitary trip!

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