Goa Unique Honeymoon Destination in India

Goa – Honeymooners’ Paradise

Always been one of the best choices for any vacationer, Goa also welcomes honeymooners with equal delight! Goa has been a popular honeymoon destination for Indians as well as foreigners. Blessed with scenic natural beauty, topped with delicious cuisine, Portuguese heritage and a youthful vibe, Goa is a magnet for young couples to have their first trip as a married couple.

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The messy wedding ceremonies and hectic shopping days spent for the perfect D-day often takes a toll on the young couple. Honeymoons are special, once in a lifetime experiences, as couples get to know each other better on their first trip together. Choosing a honeymoon destination can be quite troublesome. Finding a place which offers a multitude of options, offering a blend of touristic places, serenity, adventure, good food and most importantly – memorable events, could make or break a couple’s many first experiences! Out of the many wonderful vacation spots in India, Goa is surely a paradise for couples wishing to spend a sunny, beach side honeymoon.

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The tiny state of Goa is known as the queen of beaches. This quaint state offers the best 5-star luxury hotels, resorts and boutique residences ideal for honeymooners of the romantic type. The fun loving adventurous couples can simply let their hair down in this party capital. Also, the calm loving couples could unwind in the serenity of lush greenery. Couples with distinct tastes can be assured to have a time of their life our very own Goa!

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Commencing on a historical note, honeymooners can think of exploring Old Goa. Taking a historical walk past old cathedrals to admire Portuguese art and architecture would be an enchanting experience. Honeymoon couples can marvel at the heritage as they walk past magnificent buildings built in the Portuguese era such as the first Medicine University or the old City Library. A romantic walk along the Mandovi pier is said to be memorable for many. Couples can also enjoy discovering the Latin Quarter of Fontainhas which is now declared a World UNESCO Heritage site. A number of designer boutiques offering glassware, crockery and art collectibles are amazing to watch out for. Newly wed lovers can then romance to the story of Dona Paula de Menezes at Dona Paula. The tale talks about a young girl named Dona Paula who fell in love with a Goan fisherman. This unacceptable match made her father, the then Portuguese Viceroy forbid Dona Paula to meet the young lad. Grief stricken Dona Paula committed suicide from a cliff into the unforgiving Arabian Sea. Hence, this area came to be known as Dona Paula, where today stands a black stone statue of Dona Paula with her Goan lover. Young couples often walk up the cliff to pay their tribute to undying love at this beach and pier.

Romantic Goa Honeymoon Tour, India

The most beautiful chapter of a Goan honeymoon is visiting its sun-kissed beaches to marvel sunsets, warm sands, sounds of lashing tides and soaking in the calmness! There is nothing more romantic than walking hand-in-hand across miles and miles of a scenic beach. From busy and crowded beaches in the north, ideal for partying and concerts to untouched, serene beaches in the south for privacy and the quiet; honeymooners can be spoilt for choice. Admiring the vast blue ocean on the sun deck with your partner is a romantic experience you must have.

Goa’s electric night life is something young couples must mark on their bucket lists. Regardless of which part of the world you come from and how many every pubs you have been to; the night life Goa offers is one of its kinds. The vibe this place offers is like no other! Fine dance clubs, discotheques, beach parties, concerts and international music – all of this with the Goan pinch, adds to the most fun party experiences honeymooners can have. Enjoying their partner’s company and dancing the night away can be truly memorable experience for honeymooners!

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Gorgeous seafood, spicy vindaloo and sausages, cheap beers and feni – lip smacking cuisine in Goa will add the best touches to your dinner date with your special someone. Gorging on Goan food in a luxurious fine dines or on a beach side shack, food shall swear to never disappoint you here.

The weariness of the wedding festivities also needs to be shooed away, where else, but in the many pampering spas in this state. Goa offers umpteen relaxing centers dedicated to give its visitors a soothing experience to take back home. Flanked with top class wellness centers, honeymooners can avail massages and spa therapies to unwind along with partners in the most romantic settings!

Countless experiences await you in Goa! Be sure to plan your seaside honeymoon in this gorgeous marvel to have the most memorable first trip with your spouse. If you’re honeymooning in Goa, nothing can get better!

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