Girls, Go Goa!

What’s more rejuvenating than spending an entire day with your best friends? Even more, getting away with them on a vacation. The icing on the cake – the destination being Goa!

An all-girls trip to Goa redefines the idea of a vacation. Luxurious boutique and spa hotels, sun-kissed beaches, exotic cuisine, lazy afternoons, a plethora of shopping avenues, party-hopping nights and heart-warming hospitality – Goa awaits you with countless adventures. As versatile as it is, this perfect vacation destination looks after all your needs, tastes and preferences. Planning your next vacation with your girl pals to Goa must definitely be on the agenda.


Well, the first thought coming to mind while talking of an all-girls trip is SAFETY, especially with the kind of news doing the rounds these days. However, understanding the Goan culture and its ways, you can be assured to have a fun and relaxing trip, keeping worried at bay. Here are few Do’s and Don’ts to enjoy your Goan cruise without hassles:

  • Choose a reputed property for stay – also ask them for airport/railway
  • Hire bikes or cars yourselves to roam about instead of taxis.
  • Eat at local shacks on the beach, avoid shady restaurants.
  • Do not drink and drive!
  • Do not buy anything from suspicious vendors, choose local shops instead.
  • Choose nightclubs in popular areas and not the interiors.
  • Explore the cuisine in quaint cafes and bistros.
  • Visit the respectable temples and churches, without clicking too many pictures.
  • Do not carry a lot of money; Goa is a reasonably priced destination.
  • Keep clothing light, colorful and bright. Sunglasses and hats – mandatory!
  • Try watersports if you like but be careful of the equipment used and also the pricing.

So girls, what are you waiting for? Get, set, Go Goa!

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