getting the most out of your beach holiday

Getting The Most Out Of Your Beach Holiday

While Goa has something to offer to every kind of holidayer, let’s face it – what is Goa without its endless beaches? For many of us, a Goan holiday is synonymous with spending as much time as we can on the beaches, and getting the most out of the sea, the surf and the sand.

So, before you head out to those beaches, take a few minutes to look at ways in which you can make the most out of your beach fun!

1. Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

Well, we do live in a tropical country, and you will get it as hot and humid as it comes while in Goa (unless of course you are doing a monsoon trip!). So make sure you put some thought into when and how much time you want to spend on the beach. Early mornings are great fun, so if you head out to the beach just before sunrise, you will find the beaches fairly empty, enjoy a beautiful beach-view sunrise, and laze around till about 10 or 11 am, by which time the sun starts beating down mercilessly. You might again want to come back around sunset, watch it gloriously go down the horizon, and enjoy cool drinks and snacks while you sit on the beach chairs or lie down on the sand.

2. Go Water-Sporting

Water Sports Goa

A Goan beach holiday would be incomplete without some thrilling water sports. Be it parasailing, diving, wind surfing – you can experience it all in Goa. While many of Goa’s beaches have some or the other form of water sports, for the best water sports experience, head to Calangute, Baga or Palolem Beach.

3. Unwind with a Book

Unwind with a Book

If craving for some peace and solitude is how you see your time on the beach, pick up your book or Kindle, carry a big bottle of chilled water or Coke, and go look for a nice beach chair with an umbrella. Of course, you will have to buy a drink or two, or some snacking thing from the shanties that offer the umbrella covered chairs, and then spend the entire day getting lost in your book, with the wind blowing in your hair and the sun caressing your skin.

4. Play Ball with your Kids

Play Ball with your Kids

There is nothing like playing football with gay abandon on a long strip of beach with your kids. So don’t forget to pack your football, especially if you are travelling with kids.

5. Go Swim

Go Swim

Most of Goa’s beaches are safe for swimming, with a few exceptions of some rocky beaches. The water is generally warm too. Most importantly, there are lifeguards present at all of Goa’s beaches. So before jumping into the sea, you can check with the lifeguards present about wind currents, tides, and overall safety. Nothing can be more refreshing and relaxing than a nice swim in the sea.

6. Indulge in a Foot Massage

Foot Massage Goa

On most beaches in Goa, you will come across wandering female masseurs offering you a range of foot massages ranging from as low as Rs. 100. These masseurs have a ‘tie-up’ with the food shacks, and you can indulge in a nice and relaxing foot massage on the beach for rock bottom prices.

7. Care for your Skin & Body

Care for your Skin & Body

Fun on the beach is great as long as you don’t get a sun burn or get dehydrated. Make sure you carry the right kind of SPF that suits your skin type, and keep applying it at regular intervals. Carry a special children’s SPF for them. Also, keep yourself and your family hydrated with lots of water, juices and coconut water. Be sure to wear comfortable, loose, preferably cotton clothes and you are ready to enjoy your time on Goa’s many beaches.

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