Dudhsagar Waterfall


This majestic waterfall is the one you can hardly resist visiting. It is the 3rd tallest waterfall in India.

DID YOU KNOW? This waterfall made its ‘screen debut’ in a blockbuster movie named Chennai Express!!!!

This ‘Sea of milk’ is situated in Goa and is an hour and 15 minute drive from Panaji, the state capital. It is connected to places like Margao by road and rail.

The Tale of Dudhsagar...

In a bygone age, there lived a powerful and rich king on the top of a mountain in the Western Ghats along the present-day Goan border. His daughter would enjoy bathing in the waterfall. Her habit was to drink a jug full of milk after bathing. One day, while she was bathing, she found herself being watched by a handsome prince. Embarrassed by her negligible clothing, she poured the sugary milk in the jug to form a curtain to hide her body. Hence the sea of milk!!


After spending a fair amount of time under the Goan sun, it feels great to take a dip in the cool waters that cascade down the cliffs.